Its Awesome SISFAC

senang sekali rasanya aku bisa mem posting ini. pada bualan november 2010, aku mengikuti SISFAC(Singapore-Indonesia Student Friendship Adventure Camp). Ini pertama kalinya aku pergi ke luar negeri. Kesempatan ini saya dapatkan setelah lolos seleksi pertukaran pelajar yang di laksanakan di Jakarta maret 2010.

untung gua di depan sendiri. LOL :D


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“Mbah Rono” a substitute “mbah Marijan” and Secondary Hazards Mount Merapi

If Mbah Maridjan previously considered to have more knowledge (or “linuwun”) about Mount Merapi. Now there is another figure who is considered qualified. Not just a matter of Merapi, but also other mountains in Indonesia.

He is the Head of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation. his name is Surono, people close to call “mbah Rono. Even President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono stressed the importance of the community to hear what was said by Surono. “On the mountain, I was as president, remains subject to Rono because he who knows the geology,” said Yudhoyono. Community Merapi also comply with a plea from the president of Volcanology on appeal.

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